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Rapes of Passage - a voice for the raped women

Our Purpose




Rapes of Passage has three purposes -

  • To present a site where raped women can cast aside the invisibility of statistics and place their name within the body of the text of a story of the same title. They then become the voice of the narrator, and The Arpagee speaks for them and all raped women.

    They need only use their name, but can add a location if they wish. If they are not yet ready to name themselves, they may use a cipher, but this must be in italics, ie. Pandora of Lyme Regis, UK. Eventually, sadly, the 'story' will be thousands of names and a few thousand words of fictional text.

    Names will be inserted by the website owner at special link, in order to weed out obscenities, etc. A note will be attached to this link stating that pranksters will of course place false names, but they should be aware that every false name represents 50,000 raped women who are lost to history. From the Paleolithic onwards.
  • The other purpose is to raise monies under the umbrella of a registered charity to construct a memorial(s) known as The Grave of the Unknown Raped Woman or, maybe, The Invisible Raped Woman, The Tomb of the Unknown Arpagee, or The Unknown Raped Woman.

  • Links to rape crisis centres, books, articles, research, etc.